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Francis James Headshot 1 V2.jpg

The Official Reel of Francis James 

Select Drama & Comedy scenes

"Flipoma" [comedy]

Finn, the best friend with the worst ideas.  He's always got your back, but he's got his first.  Here he tries to convince his friend to play sick for sex.   

"Five Blocks Up"  [drama]

Harrison, the white-collar, Wall Street bad boy.  Always looking for a rush, especially if drugs are the provider.  He knows what he wants, when he wants it, and he better have it.  His way.

"Robot" [drama]

Detective McCoy, worn down at an early age from dealing with the worst in humanity.  Emotionally detached, but for a good reason.

Scene from The Diner [drama]

A Short Film by Frank Verdejo

Leonardo, the always-pissed-off thug, drug addicted and abusive boyfriend, keeping the fearful Jessica under his thumb.

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