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  • Francis James

But You're Not Dead...

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Dear You,

If you’re reading this, or listening to this in an audio medium, you’re probably not dead. Now if you want to be a smart ass and say “well how do we really know?” then fine go be a smart ass, but your philosophical tendency here is going to screw up your point of view and skew it towards your “what really is reality?” chicken shit bullshit. Because that’s what it is. If you’re reading this or listening to this, you’re alive. If you got shot in the head, your brains would fall out of your skull, if you were choked to death your blood and neck what show evidence of that, if you you suffocated, your lungs would show evidence of that, if you were pushed off of something very high, your bones would show evidence of that. You’re here, and you’re alive.

What does that mean?

It means quite a lot actually. It means you have potential. It means you have opportunity. You can grow, or you can regress. You can learn, or you can choose not to. You have autonomy, you have choice, you breathe, you bleed, you are alive. George Floyd is not. There’s no potential for him anymore. His time here is over. Cut short against his will by another man. Not sickness, not natural causes, but due to the action of another man. As a matter of fact, Man is too generous for that subhuman. George Floyd is not alive. But you are. Eric Garner is not alive. But you are. Michael Brown is not alive. But you are. Trayvon Martin is not alive. But you are. Rodney King is not alive. But you are.

There’s too many names to mention. Too many dead at the hands of a corrupt system. A broken system. A system that, if it doesn’t kill you, will place you into Hell on Earth and work to keep you there.

If you are alive, and you're reading this or listening to this or overhearing this, or even have an inkling of an iota of an idea of what Black Lives Matters really means, and you have even the slightest clue bouncing around your skull that we live with an archaic, broken, and decrepit criminal justice system, then you have the responsibility to say something about it.

If you are alive, you have a responsibility to stand behind this group of people and support their cause and bring the injustices brought upon them by a broken system into the scorching and blinding light of the public eye.

Why? Because it is right. It is just. Because whether you really believe it or not, you live a life that some people dream of. Your everyday problems pale in comparison to some of the disenfranchised and victimized.

There’s really no good excuse for keeping your mouth shut. Especially if you’re a person of privilege. Especially if you’re alive.

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