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  • Francis James

Responsibility to the Minority

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Despite how I’ve felt in the past.

Despite how I’ve experienced this life.

I’m not part of the minority.

I’ve experienced racism.

I’ve experienced sexism.

But I’m not part of a minority.

I’ve been the victim of harassment

I’ve been the victim of violence

But I’m not part of a minority.

I’ve been a victim

I’ve been a perpetrator

But I’m not part of a minority

I’ve used drugs

I’ve dealt out violence

But I’m not part of the minority

I’ve been bullied

I’ve been embarrassed

But I’m not part of a minority

I’m a straight, white male

I’m Italian and Irish.

My DNA has minority written in it

“Italians and Irish need not apply”

But time has pushed out out of my bloodline

I’m am not anymore part of a minority

I am a straight, white male.

Society has expectations of me that I don’t ever think I’ll be able to measure up to. And I really don’t want to either.

Fuck them. Fuck expectations. Fuck their pre-conceived notions.

It’s true. I am privileged. I am privileged because even though I’ve experienced racism, I've mostly just learned about it. And if anyone has ever seen me as a threat due to my skin color, I’ve been ignorantly oblivious to it.

So I have a responsibility.

But I’m not part of the minority.

I have a responsibility to the minority.

The not white, the not straight, the not regular. The not “normal”.

Who the Hell has the audacity to define “normal” anyway?

Fuck regular. Fuck normal.

Once we, the majority, take a stand to defend the minority, nothing will change. Once the government finally understands that it works FOR the people, and exists to SERVE the people, and PROTECTS the people, ALL PEOPLE, nothing will change.

In some cases, anger is necessary. Anger is appropriate. Anger brings about change.

Righteous anger. Not just blind rage. Righteous anger.

The kind of anger that Jesus experienced when He saw those who were disrespecting a place of worship.

Isn’t the human body a place of worship?

Righteous anger is acceptable when it brings about change for the greater good.

And if righteous anger hurts... good. Then it’s probably working.

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