Reel & Clips

The Official Reel of Francis James 

Select Drama & Comedy scenes

"Flipoma" [comedy]

Finn, the best friend with the worst ideas.  He's always got your back, but he's got his first.  Here he tries to convince his friend to play sick for sex.   

"Robot" [drama]

Detective McCoy, worn down at an early age from dealing with the worst in humanity.  Emotionally detached, but for a good reason.

Scene from The Diner [drama]

A Short Film by Frank Verdejo

Leonardo, the always-pissed-off thug, drug addicted and abusive boyfriend, keeping the fearful Jessica under his thumb.

"Five Blocks Up"  [drama]

Harrison, the white-collar, Wall Street bad boy.  Always looking for a rush, especially if drugs are the provider.  He knows what he wants, when he wants it, and he better have it.  His way.