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The Wolfman Francis James, on singing:

"I started out doing vocals in metal and hardcore bands because my best friend Antwonn and I started going to local hardcore shows in south Jersey and we were instantly inspired to start a band of our own.  After a while some kids in my high school noticed that I had "a pretty sweet death growl" and I kept doing the harsh vocals until Antwonn and I started a random electronic/hip hop project.  That was cool.  After that, I decided I wanted to really sing, like belt my heart out.  So here I am.  

Right now I front two projects: Suspicious Minds, and Gloome Infinite.  I've also done a few collabs with hip hop artists like The Empire Project and Ray Sosa.  I am also interested in reggae, seriously. I'm constantly inspired by a huge variety of genres, like doom, reggae, goth, synthwave, black metal, hip hop, whatever.  I pretty much want to just make whatever I want to make whenever I want to make it. Seems like a good way to make good music."


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The official music video for "Hampton Jig" off the debut album Electric Elvis, 

by Suspicious Minds

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"Fly" by the Empire Project, featuring Francis James 

"Undeniable" by Ray Sosa, featuring Francis James 

Undeniable ft. Francis JamesRay Sosa
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